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Wow, it's that time of year again, already!  Time to start thinking about "next year"!  Curriculum and book fairs, conventions, etc.  Time to get those letters of intent ready to send in to the school board.  Time sure does fly!  If you need, I have a sample, here:

My Letter of Intent

Let's Talk Curriculum!!!

If you'd like to share something about curriculum you've used or are using, please email me or use the comment feature at the bottom of this page.  Thanks.
Be sure to update your calendars for local homeschool events!  Both of these following links are for yahoo groups, so you need to join the groups (for free!) in order to access the information.
Haldimand/Norfolk/Brant/Oxford/Hamilton area:

Wow!  A whole list of conferences/book fairs in Ontario!!!...

Homeschool Conferences/Book Fairs in Ontario

2007-2008 marks the 14th, 11th and 7th year of our children's educational careers.  Out of that time, this will be our 11th year homeschooling.  Steven finished highschool, two years early - one down, two to go!  (ack!) :-)

I do want to share some favourite links and important messages:

Skating:  I've made a new page, covering our contract dates, so you never have to wonder if there's a week that we don't have ice time.  And yes, it IS STILL FREE!
Please remember that we are still raising funds for the 'Raise the Roof Fund' from the homeschool group. We are trying to raise enough to be put on the plaque. Nice way to say 'thank you' for all the ice time that we have been given - free! and a nice way to make a 'mark' in the community.  So far, we have raised $144.18.  Our minimum goal is $500.00.
Brantford Homeschool Connection: wonderful support group that does lots of family-oriented activities!  No formal meetings, or anything, but do check them out - the link is below.  It is a yahoo group, so you'll have to join to see their site, but it is quick, free and painless!  :-)
TEACH support group in Brantford:  meet third Monday of each month at 8pm.  Membership not necessary to attend meetings.  Contact me for details.
Norfolk Homeschoolers Association:  The next Simcoe swim session begins shortly.  Please contact me for details.
Always looking for feedback!  Be sure to email me; just click the link at the bottom of this page!  Thanks!

Waterford Homeschool Skating

Delphi Forums: Homeschool Reality

Homeschool Trips in Ontario*!!!

Brantford Homeschool Connection Yahoo Group*!

Unschooling in Canada Forum Yahoo Group*

Ontario HomeSchool Friends yahoo group*

Charlotte Mason Method of Teaching - The most beautiful way to teach a child anything!

Japanese-style Math Lessons!

The Teenage Liberation Handbook - a parenting must-have; don't wait until they're teenagers!

Need a diploma? Go for your GED!!! (Get the official Steck-Vaughn prep book at your local book store!) site not working; will fix asap!

"Learning Disablity": A Rose by Another Name

Another Homeschooler's Website; a great resource!

canadaonline - holiday worksheets, including Groundhog Day!

Remembrance Day Websites - Free colouring/worksheets.

Letterland - developed for children with special needs; perfect for any child!

A great article on unschooling!

Unschooling Grad's Web Page!

Ontario Elementary School Curriculum Guidelines

Ontario Secondary School Curriculum Guidelines

Home School Legal Defense Association - Canada

*These are good, but please note:  for the yahoo groups, if, when you join, you have your preferences set to receive all messages as email, you will get a lot!  Either set your preferences for important messages from the moderator only or no messages at all!  I got about 75 messages the first night and day!

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