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We're up and running again, for another great season!
Christmas party is set for Dec 17 - pot luck and bring a $1 gift if you'd like to participate in the gift exchange.  :-)
Waterford Tricenturena Skating for Homeschoolers
Wednesdays, 12:30 - 2:00, at the Waterford Arena, through to the end of March.
Please remember our rules:

Skating IS at own risk.  Children are incouraged to wear helmets, but they are not manditory.  Children MUST be supervised by an adult; parent(s) or otherwise appointed by the parent(s) for the duration of the skate time.

Hocky sticks are allowed, but no vulcanized (hard rubber) pucks for games.  Soft, sponge pucks (either black or orange) only.  Hard rubber pucks are allowed, for warm ups, but players must be careful with them and not shoot them at anyone.  Most skaters do not wear protective equipment, so we play NO CONTACT, only, please.  Offenders will be asked to correct their play or leave the ice.  Foul language is also not acceptable.

The ice will be divided according to need for hockey skaters and figure/beginner skaters.

Above all, skating is a privilege, that we've had to work extra hard for this year.  Absolute respect from and for all participants, and for the staff of Norfolk County/Tricenturena is not only expected, but required for safety reasons.  Thank you for your part in keeping our ice time safe and fun for all !!!  :-) 

Be sure to invite everyone you know who homeschools in the area or anyone who's ever considered homeschooling!!!  Thanks.  :-)

A super big thank you to Sandra Whitelock who's worked really hard for us to get our ice time back!

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