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Ok, my kids tell me I'm obsessed with Elm Trees!  Yeah, maybe I am!  But, I've also learned that many Elm Tree Diseases can be controlled, and I'd love to see that happen, here in Ontario!!!  Other provinces and beyond are very successful in controlling Elm Tree Diseases, so why not us? 
I have found some very helpful websites which help identify Elm Trees, various diseases of the Elm, including Dutch Elm Disease, and some tips on what you can do to help and how to care for your Elms:

Almost everything you'll ever need to know about Elm Trees.

If you need help properly disposing of dead or diseased Elm Trees on your property, please Contact Us using the link below! 
As we can only work so fast, and as there is so much Elm Tree Disease in Southern Ontario, we also need anyone who has the capacity to properly help dispose of these trees to Contact Us using the link below. 
Diseased Elm Tree wood needs to be destroyed immediately to help prevent further spread into the Elm Tree population and should not be stored for firewood, etc.  Means of disposal include immediate burning (outdoors if you are legally able or in an outdoor wood furnace) or burial. 

By the way,  people in the Norfolk area who are interested in the various trees our county has to offer, this site tells of various tree walks in the area:

"Three Self-Guided Tours of the Great Trees of Old Norfolk County" and more!

Contact Us!