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I'm very excited to get some information about my Grandparents and their families.  If anyone has anything to add, please let me know!  Thank you!
Thomas Hodgson, died possibly 1918
married Jane Smith
They had five children:
William, Edward, Alice,  Sarah (Sally), and a baby girl who died as an infant due to a fireplace mishap.  Sally and Alice may be twins.
Edward was born in 1904 and came to Canada in 1929 from 'Cumberland' England.  William moved to Australia.  Sally and Alice stayed in England.  I believe Sally had twin boys: Clfford and Arthur, last name, I think is Wray.  The baby girl is buried at a church cemetery at St. Bees Head, England.

A few more facts ...
Edward followed his sisters to school when he was two - and he had to hide from Zeppelin bombings, as he was doing so.
Edward did spend some time working in the coal mines of England - not sure where.
He came to Canada with good friend, Joe Tidyman.
He was good friends with a certain Jackson family - married one of the daughters - Sarah, aka: Sallie.  Sallie came from a family of 14 children: 
Edith Annie (July 26, 1890), "Edith"
Jane Hannah (Oct 10, 1893) "Jennie"
Isaac (Aug 14 1895) "Ike"
John (May 25 1897) ''Jack''
Henry (April 29 1899) "Harry"
William (March 15 1901)  ''Bill''
Joseph (Nov 15 1902), ''Joe''
Nellie (April 21 1904)
Sarah Ann (Aug 11 1905) "Sallie"
Peter (Oct 17 1906)
Annie Isabel (Oct 12 1907)
Mary Agnes (Apr 29 1909)
Daniel (Aug 31 1910) ''Dan''
Elizabeth (Feb 22 1912) 'Lizzie'
John and Elenore Jackson were the parents and the children were born on Orchard Brow Farm, Haile, Cumberland, England. 
If you knew of any of the people listed, here, please contact me!  TIA

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