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Wesley has a Game Cube with Finding Nemo and a Wrestling game. It is fun! And he thinks he needs a new game for it because he’s getting bored of those games.

Wesley has a little story that he wants to share.

Once upon a time, once there was one person named Wesley and then a puppy named Spot came and it was the happiest day of his life after he got Spot. But then he got some kittens and they were fun, too. BEEEE END!

Wesley got a drum set in his room and an army guy set on his drawer. It’s perfect! And sometimes he plays with the army men and he moves them around. And then he started to drink Mello Yellow more and he hasn’t had Kremes in a long time and he tried to make a video game but he’s not old enough to make it. Then, he likes to go up to Shelley’s cottage, when they live up north. And when they come down from their cottage, they have a game cube, then, that they have at their house. They don’t take it to their cottage. And then for Christmas last time, he got a Thomas set. Then my grandma got a computer. And then after that Sarah got two horses, Gaimar and Poppy. Gaimar was a big horse and Poppy was a little one. Then we got cows and Wes named them Scoop and Doozie. And then I made another friend, and his name was Daniel - not Steve’s friend, though, the one that went up north. Wes wants to visit him sometime. Wesley misses him. We had so fun together. And we miss skating together and I couldn’t play with my friend Anna because she couldn’t go skating. Then we were going to get rid of a kitten named Cloudy. We’re going to give it to a person. And it’s a baby kitten. But it has its eyes open. And I have another kitten named Bazooka. Yayap - he’s a black one. Bazooka is sick. My brother likes Yayap so much that he’s going to keep him. He meows a lot. That’s why he’s called Yayap. And he likes shorts and feet. He likes to go up Steve’s shorts and all the nother kittens like things that move, so they attack Steve’s feet and it’s really funny. And then Misty, we got the mom cat called Misty and she just feeds the kittens and runs away and catches mice and comes back. (put a six) 6 We had six baby cats. We did, but two died so we have four now. (so put a four) 4. We got a swimming pool. We went in it when water was going in. But we didn’t have the ladder in yet. It was fun. And our barn burnt down. And this is the Kovacs family; Wesley, Mommy, Daddy, Sarah and Steven. There’s five people (put five) 5. That’s it.

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